Champions 2023

Best Indica strain
Fast Buds - Tropicana Cookies, Malaga
Dutch Passion - Auto Kerosene Krash, Amsterdam
Exotic Seed - Herz OG Auto, Amsterdam
Best Sativa strain
Sweet Seeds - Sweet Gelato Auto, barcelona
Doctor's Choice - DC #1, Montreal
Seedstockers Superior - Mack and Crack Auto, Barcelona
Best New Strain 2023
Seedstockers Superior - Triton Biscotto Lime Auto, Barcelona
Sherbinski x Silent Seeds - POLAR GELATO, Los Angeles
Royal Queen Seeds - Cookies Gelato, Faro
Best CBD strain
Dutch Passion - CBD Auto Blackberry Kush, Amsterdam
Best Seed bank
Mephisto Genetics - On-line voting, Web

Special VIP Judge

Special Judge
Joint Doctor
The creator of the first-ever autoflower strain, Lowryder, will be the Special VIP Judge this year! 🌱

For the last 15 years, this legendary breeder has extensively researched various topics related to cannabis and has never stopped exploring. He has worked as a consultant for cannabis variety experiments and has practical knowledge in industrial hemp farming and research on cannabis genetics, among other aspects. His articles have been published in reputable publications, including Cannabis Culture, the International Hemp Association Journal (the Netherlands), and Heads Magazine.

We are beyond honored and proud to have such an influential figure in the world of autoflowering cannabis as part of our event. Joint Doctor started the history of autoflowers and has made an immeasurable contribution to the cannabis community. 🏆

Judges and Guests

Maka Comunicacion
Maka Comunicacion
Edward Splifforhands
Edward Splifforhands
Vince and Weed
Vince and Weed
Camilla Leotta
Camilla Leotta
Nikka T
Nikka T

Looking to Join a AWC Event?

When is the Autoflower World Cup?
The 2023 edition of the Autoflower World Cup will be held on March 10 - 12 in Barcelona, Spain at the OG Club, located in Passatge de Marimon 9.
What categories are represented?
This year we thought it would be a good idea to mix things up a bit so we’re not only bringing the same categories as last year, but we’ve added “Best Seed Bank”. Totalling 5 categories, they are: Best Sativa strain, Best Indica strain, Best CBD strain, Best Seed bank, Best New Strain 2023
Who can participate?
Anyone over legal age can participate, meaning that international and national seed banks, grow shops, cannabis associations and independent growers can participate as long as their representative (the person attending the AWC) is over 18 years old.
What are the requirements for entries?
Each entry should total an amount of 8 grams, individually packaged into 1-gram portions. All samples should be bug and mold-free, and properly trimmed. Please remember that entries must be submitted between February 1st - March 8th. No entries will be accepted before or after those dates.
How do contestants qualify?
Each one of the judges will get a 1-gram portion of each entry. Judges will roll and sample the entries, then score all entries based on appearance, aroma, taste, effects, and the overall experience.
How did the judges get selected?
We feel like the only way to have a fair competition is to have judges from different backgrounds, and this year it won’t be different. Entries will be judged by professionals from different areas of the cannabis industry in Europe, we cannot release any names yet but it will definitely be something special so stay tuned.
How can I attend the Cup as a visitor?
The event is very limited, so if you don't want or can’t participate in the event but would still like to take part in it, please contact us at info@autoflowerworldcup.com for further information.
How to sponsor the Cup?
We’re always open to work with emerging and established brands, so if you’re interested in sponsorships or just want more information about the Autoflower World Cup, make sure to contact us at info@autoflowerworldcup.com.
Is it possible to vote for the best seedbank?
Yes, the audience will be able to vote in the “Best Seed Bank” category online.

Our sponsors

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