The Autoflower World Cup is one of the most exclusive autoflower-focused events in Europe, gathering the best seed banks, growers, and specialists to celebrate, network, and highlight the best autoflower genetics.

Held in Barcelona, Spain, the 1st edition of the Autoflower World Cup in 2021 welcomed the autoflower community and everyone looking to learn more about autoflowers, giving a place for the entire cannabis community to feel at home while helping create autoflower history together, taking the truly best genetics from the unknown to the top.

In 2023, expect things to be bigger and better; with new categories and even more brands, breeders, and top specialists in the industry, we plan to take the Autoflower World Cup to a whole new level.

As always, cup curator Arnau Tango, a renowned member of the local community with more than 10 years of experience in the industry puts his heart and soul into selecting the best of the best samples while making sure everyone’s having a blast, so come join us and make history together!

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