Join Cannabizz Warsaw | The Ultimate Cannabis Business Event in Poland | Latest Trends, Products, and Innovations

Join Cannabizz Warsaw | The Ultimate Cannabis Business Event in Poland | Latest Trends, Products, and Innovations

What is Cannabizz and why you should attend it

Targi Kononpe, or for those who don’t speak Polish, Cannabizz, is Poland’s and East-Central Europe’s biggest and most important cannabis trade show with over 10.000m2 of floor space where over 100 exhibitors and thousands of visitors get the chance to get to know the latest technology and cannabis-related products ranging from nutrients to seeds to paraphernalia to hemp cosmetics and medicine to growing equipment, basically, everything marihuana related.

The expo is held annually at Centrum Targowo-Kongresowe Global Expo and offers a closer look at the future of cannabis products but also at the current state of cannabis in Poland, offering 100% free lectures based on the current research, experience, and legal situation of cannabis by scientists, experts, politicians and cannabis consumers. 

These lectures and talks will be divided into three thematics as follow:

Friday: Industrial hemp;
Saturday: Medical cannabis;
Sunday: Social aspect of cannabis.

On top of that, all products available at Cannabizz Warszaw 2023 will have special discounts and promos, so what are you waiting for?

Cannabizz History and Location

Cannabizz Warsaw started as a small project a few years ago but in the last 5 years has established a new tradition in Poland. Since the first edition back in 2017, the cannabis expo has attracted both national and international brands, and as a result, Cannabizz is now one of the biggest players in the European CBD market.

Not only did the event became widely known but it also helped turn Poland turn into a hotspot of the global hemp industry and public awareness of cannabis has increased a lot. So if you’re interested in learning more, buying, or just taking a look at the latest products such as:

- CBD oil, capsules, cosmetics, and foods;
- Medicinal benefits of cannabis;
- Cultivation products;
- Hemp clothing and building materials;
- Vaporizers;
- Paraphernalia and much more.

Make sure to buy your Cannabizz Warsaw tickets now and take a look at what the future awaits for the cannabis industry in Poland and Central-East Europe. Like always, the event will be held at Centrum Targowo-Kongresowe Global EXPO located at Modlińska 6D, 03-216 Warsaw, Poland; If it’s your first time attending the event and you don’t know how to get there, here are a couple of different ways:


From Chopin Airport, Ursynow, and Mokotow: through Wisłostrada;
From the city center: through Wybrzeże Gdyńskie to the gene. Stefana Grota-Roweckiego Bridge;
From Wola and Ochota: through al. Armii Krajowej.


To “Żerań FSO 03” station – lines: 104, 112, 114, 118, 132, 134, 145, 156, 214, 240, 414, N02. 

Train to “Żerań FSO 06” station

From the Western Rail Station – by metro line S3 in the direction Wieliszew 01 to station Warszawa Toruńska 02 and then change to bus 132.

From Central Rail Station and Śródmieście Station – tram 18.

From the Eastern Rail Station by bus 169 in the direction Bródno-Podgrodzie 03 to Dw.Wileński 02 stations and then to tram number 20.

Taxi (Start fee 8,00 zł)

Grosik +48 22 6464646
1 km day 1,80 zł

1 km night  2,70 zł

Bayer +48 22 19667
1 km day 1,50 zł

1 km night  2,25 zł

Sawa +48 22 16444444
1 km day 2,40 zł

1 km night  3,60 zł

MPT +48 191 91 
1 km day 2,40 zł

1 km night  3,60 zł 

Cannabizz 2023

Cannabizz Warsaw 2023 is right around the corner and you do not want to miss this amazing city and cannabis expo. Explore and get to know the latest cannabis tech and products in the market while participating in lectures from the best professionals from different sectors of the cannabis industry. 

3.1. Dates

If you want to attend Cannabiz Warsaw 2023, make sure to check their official website for tickets as the event is right around the corner!

November 2023: 25th, 26th, 27th 
Friday: 10 AM  -  6 PM 
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM 
Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM

And remember, all lectures and talks are free with your Cannabizz Warsaw ticket!

3.2. Exhibitors List 

During this three-day event in the beautiful city of Warsaw, you’ll get to visit over 100 exhibitors local and international brands, from all sectors of the cannabis industry, including researchers, politicians, and knowledgeable cannabis consumers who are battling against prohibition in Poland and Europe. So expect to see brands and world-renowned companies such as:


Royal Queen Seeds, Pura, CannabiGold, Moje CBD, Chillisimo, Ekotech, Kanapes Ziedas, Simply Green, Green Brothers, Crystalweed, IMCC, Green Fox 

  NationalDobre Konopie, Witko 30 Lat, Exzessiv TV, WeedUp TV, HempCenter Hurtownia, Hemp Spider

3.3. Tickets 

Cannabizz takes place during the last weekend of November 2023; This means that it’s a 3-day event, so you have the chance to buy a 3-day pass or you can buy three single-day pass. Here are the prices for you to take a look:

1-day ticket: 99 zł (Pre-sale: 69 zł)
3-day ticket: 199 zł (Pre-sale: 149 zł)
3-day VIP ticket: 499 zł (Pre-sale: 399 zł)


Cannnabizz Warsaw is the perfect way to get to know Polish weed culture and all about the latest tech and products in Poland and East-Central Europe. We highly recommend you get tickets for the whole three days as there are a lot of stands to see. With +100 different national and international brands, you do NOT want to miss it. So hurry up, the fair is right around the corner!