Interview with Nico, Fast Buds

April, 2022.

AWC team:

Today we are talking with the Autoflower World Cup 2022 winner of 3 cups - Fast Buds!

1st Prize in BEST SATIVA: with Gorilla Punch Auto

2st Prize in BEST Indica: with Gorilla cookies Auto

3nd Prize in BEST NEW STRAIN: with Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

AWC team:

- Tell us a little bit more about the winning strain and tell us why you think it won over others (one answer per one winning strain)

Fast Buds, Nico:

We've focused on breeding strains with better flavors and aromas, and used our best-selling strain as a base, which is the gorilla glue auto.

So I think all our Gorilla crosses won because we have used a stable, high yielding and very resistant strain (the gorilla glue auto) to pass on these traits to the new strains. Making them easy to grow and high yielding while still producing unique terpene profiles.

For example, Gorilla Punch Auto has been an immediate hit among our testers, some of them even claiming it’s been their favorite strain to grow so far. The buds are super dense and show a really pretty purple color, so that bag appeal is definitely there. Not to mention the flavor really hits you in the face. It’s also a powerful strain that has a lasting pleasant high.

On the other hand, Gorilla Cookies Auto has been our star since it was released. It’s super potent and obviously people love a strong strain, especially long time consumers. A lot of people claim that autoflowers aren’t potent, and this one perfectly proves them wrong. I think that it definitely impressed the judges in this competition.

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is a bit of a best of both worlds situation, when two stellar strains come together, there is no losing. You get the gas from the Gorilla Glue and sweet candy terps from the Zkittlez, and it makes for a really unique smoking experience that I think a lot of people can appreciate.

AWC team:

- What are your plans for the future? What do you expect from the autoflower industry?

Fast Buds, Nico:

The pandemic was tough for all of us but it also gave us the chance to focus all our time on selecting and breeding new genetics, and the results are out there for everyone to try.

For the future we would like to follow the same path as always, select the best genetics and gift to the world the best autoflowers on the market as we’ve done for over a decade. Bit by bit we improve our genetics, their flavors, aromas and potency. Nowadays we already see autoflowering strains that have nothing to envy their photoperiodic counterparts, and in some cases they even exceed them. I think with our commitment and hard work we will conquer more and more growers’ hearts and we will show everyone the real potential of the modern autoflowers.

And, of course, we’re gonna go full in participating in the cups and we’ll make a huge effort to win as much as possible! :)

AWC team:

- What would you like to say to the people who didn't win this time? What advice can you give to the home growers?

Fast Buds, Nico:

I think the results were pretty close, so never stop growing and don’t let it stop you from trying again. Growing is a constant learning process and each time you will get better and better as you make mistakes and know what to look out for in your future grows. I would say that you should take it as a personal challenge just to motivate and educate yourself in order to hone your skills and grow to the best of your ability. I think all homegrowers eventually find what works best for them personally and that growing is not an exact science, one size fits all kind of thing…. So just keep that in mind and don’t compare your craft to others, just do your thing and you’ll find the right path for yourself.