Interview with Smelly Flowers

April, 2022.

Arnau, Autoflower World Cup:

Today we are talking with the Autoflower World Cup 2022 winner of 4 cups - Smelly Flowers!

  • 1st Prize in BEST NEW STRAIN: with Auto Clementine Kush
  • 3nd Prize in BEST INDICA: with Auto Strawberry Shake
  • 3nd Prize in BEST SATIVA: with Auto Lemon Drizzle
  • 3nd Prize in BEST CBD: Auto CBD+

AWC team:

- Tell us a little bit more about the winning strain and tell us why you think it won over others (one answer per one winning strain)

Smelly Flowers team:

First of all we would like to thank all of you because we are so happy and proud of all the prizes we won!!

Okay, here we go;

Auto Lemon Drizzle (Lemon OG x Tropical Skunk Autoflower)

Lemon strains are one of the most popular for many years now because we all love the smell and taste! So it’s all about finding that very special phenotype and sometimes you need a bit of luck. We grew so many plants for the cup and so we had a lot of choice to select the best ones. From the two phenotypes we love and prefer the Lemon one the best and apparently the test smokers did too :)

Auto Strawberry Shake (Strawberry Cookies x Auto Zkitlez)

Super strain crossed with a very fruity autoflower. So it’s a fruit shake, it’s juicy and tasty and smelly! Super mellow and relaxing effect.

Auto CBD+ (Selected CBD clone from Swiss x Auto Cherry wine strain)

THC % below 0,2% and CBD levels up to 14% with a typical taste, fresh, little citrus and mild peppery. Not a favorite amongst stoners but with great medicinal benefits!

Auto Clementine Kush (Clementine Kush USA x Auto Kush Smelly flower)

Premium USA clone used to achieve both the extreme sweet taste of the Clementine but also the Kush taste. We’re very proud of this strain because it ’s so damn tasty! Super sweet, fresh but also that typical Kush flavor. It’s our favorite strain at this moment, it just makes you smile and feel good :) And it’s pretty strong!

AWC team:

- What are your plans for the future? What do you expect from the autoflower industry?

Smelly Flowers team:

Our future goal is to offer a large range of amazing smelling genetics for a fair price so that we can all enjoy them! At Smelly Flowers we focus mostly on amazing smelling flowers in combination with an intense but pleasant high! Of course we don’t compromise on yield and we’re busy creating monster bud yielding plants.

The autoflower industry is actually still quite new if you look at the history of cannabis. We owe a big thank you to Sasha from the Joint Doctor who is the pioneer and developer of the first Autoflower strain, the famous Low Ryder.

Nowadays more than 50% of all European growers prefer to grow with autoflower strains because it’s fast, easy and rewarding. Especially in warm climates such as the mediterranean it’s the way to go because you can have multiple harvests in one outdoor season! And most importantly, the quality of the weed is just as good and sometimes even better than weed grown from photoperiod plants. So we expect to see even more growers using autoflower seeds all over the world.

AWC team:

- What would you like to say to the people who didn't win this time? What advice can you give to the home growers?

Smelly Flowers team:

Just smoke another one and keep on growing! We have many years of experience and it takes a lot of time, effort and lots of love to grow really good weed. It’s not that easy but it’s great fun and if you enjoy it good results will follow. One of our guys always plays music in the growroom creating chill vibes for his green children. We advise everyone to grow organic!