Celebrate Cannabis Culture at Cannafest Prague | Largest Trade Show & Festival

Celebrate Cannabis Culture at Cannafest Prague | Largest Trade Show & Festival

Cannafest 2022: The Largest Cannabis Trade Show

When discussing the biggest, most popular cannabis events worldwide, what names pop into your mind?

The High Times Cannabis Cup? The Emerald Cup? Spannabis? CannaCon? The weed lovers' calendar is littered with multiple options each month, but for those stateside Cannafest might be might not even register. But this ain't no quirky little old weed convention.

Nope, Cannafest has been slowly building for more than a decade and a half. First held way back in 2009, what began life as a small event focusing on the local legalization scene and weed-related issues has grown into an international phenomenon.

Held every year in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2015 it became Europe's largest weed convention, and just two years later became the largest worldwide. Boasting over 250 stalls with almost one thousand punters in attendance over a three-day and night period, Cannafest 2017 was something truly special. And even with a small break over the COVID-19 pandemic, Cannafest is only growing larger every year.

What is Cannafest, and why is it a must-see?

At its essence, Cannafest is a cannabis-centric tradeshow that brings together experts from all fields of cannabis study, cultivation, and business. With the largest range of vendors out of any weed event worldwide, as well as a huge list of guest speakers including industry leaders from the USA, Israel, Australia, Spain, and Prague covering a super versatile range of subjects. There's also a bunch of free workshops to attend, and an artist area including live music.

Cannafest History and Location

The first Cannafest was held back in 2009 and was a much more low-key event than what it has since grown into. The event was created by the non-profit organization Cannabis Community (Konopná společenství), a group of weed enthusiasts and activists dedicated to weed activism and education.

This first event had fewer than 1000 attendees and just a couple of stalls. But it was a huge success, and one of the first times like-minded Czech residents had the chance to gather and celebrate their favorite plant. Over the next few years, the whole thing just started to snowball, and by 2012 all the major European-based seed companies had major installations at the event. By 2015 the number of exhibitors has reached the plus 200 mark, and this was the year that marked Cannfest becoming the largest cannabis event in Europe.

The event hasn't been without controversy, but for the most part, has run super smoothly since 2015. Recreational weed is not yet legal in Prague, and there was a period of a few years where undercover law enforcement officers decided that cracking down on attendees smoking up on grounds was the correct way to go, which led to some arrests and a bunch of outcry from organizers. This course of action was actually super surprising, as Prague has long been one of the most liberal cities in Europe when it comes to weed. Luckily, in recent years, the cops seem to have taken a step back and the whole atmosphere is much more relaxed for it.

Held in the stunning Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice, the setting is breathtaking. Prague is breathtaking, for that matter. One of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, with black and white cobblestoned streets and gothic buildings that stretch as far as the eye can see. The weed scene in Prague is pretty strong for a nonrecreational legal city, and that's on full show at Cannafest.

There was, of course, a pause put on the event in 2020, but Cannafest triumphantly returned in late 2021, becoming one of the first large-scale events that was held when the city started to reopen. And 2022 saw the largest event to date.

Cannafest 2023


The most recent Cannafest was held on Nov 3-5 of 2022. Apart from the fact that it offers so much fantastic info on the movements within the cannabis sphere, Cannafest also focuses on medicinal herbs more generally. More than 270 vendors from all walks of the cannabis sphere, seminars with leading canna scientists and weed activists, and an array of weed and medicinal herb installations.

The event attracted close to one hundred thousand people over the three days, making it the most attended weed event to ever take place in Europe. To say that it was a spectacle would be putting it lightly, with the finest array of cannabis products and futurism on show for the world to see, and enjoy. One of the aspects that sets this show apart from many others on the cannabis calendar is the cross-section of attendees. Sure, you have the crowds of young stoners and cannabis enthusiasts, but there were also many from the older generation, with the over-60s crowd really showing up. This can be attributed to the medicinal herb sections, but one thing that stands out at Cannafest is how involved and open everyone is, and how excited people are to learn.

The full dates and opening times for Cannafest 2023 are: 

Fri., November 3, 2022 – 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sat., November 4, 2022 – 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sun., November 5, 2022 – 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Exhibitors are split into 11 main categories - Natural resources, CBD, Growing, Seeds, Vaporization, Paraphernalia, Media, Institutions, Extraction, Growshops, and Art.


There were a few different ticket options available for Cannafest, all of which were super reasonably priced. 

For one day ticket options, you could prebook for 200 CZK / 8 €, or at the door they were  250 CZK / 10 €
The three day ticket options came in at 300 CZK / 12 € for presale, or 450 CZK / 18 € on location.
There was also a buy three, get one free promotion. All purchases of 3 at a time, no matter if it was for a one day or 3 day option would get an extra ticket free.
Cannafest has always been, and always will be, free for people holding valid disability cards, and for people holding valid seniors cards. 


If you're into weed, medicinal herbs in general, and staying up to date with all things cannabis - Cannafest is the place to be. With all kinds of exhibitors, talks and activities -  it is a great place to discover the latest products and innovations in weed. Planning for the 2023 event is already well underway, so if you are going to be in Europe in early November make sure to grab a ticket!