Discover the Latest Innovations at Spannabis 2023 in Barcelona | Winners 2023

Discover the Latest Innovations at Spannabis 2023 in Barcelona | Winners 2023

What is Spannabis and Why You Should Attend It

Spannabis is the biggest and most important cannabis fair in Barcelona and Europe with more than 17.000 m2, over 300 exhibitors, and thousands of professionals and brands, offering all kinds of products related to the cannabis plant such as farming systems, seeds, textiles, cosmetics, fertilizers, and substrates. On top of that, you have the chance to attend several lectures on topics such as herbal medicine, cultivation, consumption, and risk reduction among others. Spannnabis 2023 Barcelona promises to be very special as it will be the second edition of the event after the pandemic.

Spannabis Barcelona History and Locations

But the event wasn’t this big and popular back in 2001 when a group of Spanish businessmen decided to make their own version of the cannabis fairs that were already being held all over Europe. For months and months, the businessmen tried seeking political support and an actual place for the vent to be held as this was (and in some way still is) a controversial subject in Spain. 

Unfortunately, they encountered a lot of obstacles and uncertainty until one year later, in 2022, they were able to celebrate the event at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Obviously, the first edition of Spannabis Barcelona was just a test, but they soon realized that there were a lot of like-minded individuals from Spain, Europe, and all over the world that was willing to come join the fair and celebrate marihuana.

After they saw the potential, Spannabis moved the event to the Fira de Cornellá where it has been held ever since and has continued to grow despite issues with the law. In 2011, Italian politicians asked the Spanish Prime Minister for an explanation on why this event was allowed as cannabis was (and still is) illegal in Spain.

Despite the tribulations, Spannabis was consolidated as the biggest cannabis fair in Europe and has been growing ever since, reaching well over 30.000 visitors since 2017.

Spannabis 2023

Spannabis 2023 Barcelona promises a lot, so make sure you don’t miss the 3 days of this amazing experience where you’ll be able to take a look at what’s new in the cannabis industry and interact with thousands of exhibitors, professionals, and visitors from all sectors of the cannabis industry. Spannabis not only offers the chance to buy and get to know the latest products but also have a chat and get the opportunity to network and also attend conferences from professionals in the sector. 

3.1. Dates

If you’re planning on attending Spannabis 2023 Barcelona, make sure to check their official website for new updates but as for now, the dates are the following:

March 2023: 10th, 11th, 12th 
Ticket office opening: 10 AM
Event (Friday and Saturday): 11 AM - 8:30 PM 
Event (Sunday): 11 AM - 8PM

3.2. Exhibitors List 

During these three days in the beautiful city of Barcelona, you’ll be able to visit over 300 stands from more than 80 countries, including all sectors of the cannabis industry plus political, social, and cultural leaders who help move cannabis forward in Spain and all across the world. So expect to see world-renowned companies and brands such as:

Seed Bank

Sensi, Green House, Ripper, Fast Buds, The Bulldog, DNA Genetics, Seedstockers, 

Nirvana, Eva, Rare Dankness, Mr. Hide, BSF, Purple City Genetics, Ace, Gea



Genehtik, Biobizz, Plagron, Bio Nova, Mills, Grotek, Hesi, TRABE, Athena, Atami,

Aptus, Remo, Emerald Harvest, Lurpe, Canna, Snoop’s Premium, Terra Aquatica



Dr. Dabber, PuffCo, Dynavap, TopGreen Technology, 

GPen, Pax, Propen, Exxus Vape, 


Growing Products

Twister Trimmer, Kenex, Guanokalong, SANlight, HydroFarm, Garden High, Prima Klima,

AutoPot, Lux Light, Bluelab, CenturionPro, Bioled, Alien Hydroponics



Lion Rolling Circus, G-Rollz, Targard Craft, Boveda, Heatex, OCB,

Pay-Pay, Bio Bong, DMLift, PieceMaker Gear


3.3. Spannabis 2023 Champions Cup (general info + evaluation process + award categories + judges) 

On the first day of Spannabis 2023 Barcelona (March 10th), the event also held the Spannabis Champions Cup which is the reference Cannabis Cup in Spain and the most important in Europe. The 2023 edition of Spannabis will be making history thanks to its brand-new addition. On top of the regular VIP jury, the competition will be adding a popular jury. The awards ceremony will take place on March 10th at 7:30 PM in the Spannabis Barcelona auditorium and the popular jury the same day (at a different location) at 9 PM.

Both the VIP and popular jury will sample and vote on the best products using a scoring system that’ll rate the entries based on their aroma, flavor, appearance, and overall experience. Entries will compete in CBD, Indica, Sativa, Rosin, Hash, Solvent-Based Extractions, and Special Award. Just to give you an idea, here are the 1st place winners from the 2022 Spannabis Barcelona Champions Cup.

       Spannnabis Champions Cup 2022 1st Place Winners

CategoryBest SeedbankBest Stand Best NutrientBest Hemp ProductBest CBD Product

Best Vaporizer 

1st Place Winner


BSF Seeds




Bloom Stimulator  por BAC

La Original por Cannabeer

Kritikal Bilbo CBD Balsam por GenehtikPeak Pro por Puffco

3.4. Music and Entertainment 

Apart from the conference stands, lectures, and competitions, the Spannabis event is known for its live shows which combine all kinds of musical styles somehow related to cannabis. On the next edition of Spannabis, the main stage will make you wanna dance with musical styles ranging from reggae, dub, dancehall, hip hop, and soul to jazz, funk, electronic, and many, many more.


Spannabis 2023 is the perfect way to get to know Spanish weed culture and learn all about the latest and most popular cannabis brands and products in Barcelona and Europe. We highly recommend getting Spannabis tickets for the whole three days as there’s a lot to see. With over 300 exhibitors divided between 4 different halls, you do NOT want to miss anything. Hurry up, Spannabis tickets are limited!